Life Mapping Workshops

A creative way to share personal histories through visual art and storytelling; honoring the unique stories inside each of us.

In this workshop, students imaginatively interpret their own life histories/ life stories. They each choose their own style/ format/ use of media for their “map” of their life story, which they create using the art materials provided. They then present their map and tell its story to the class. They learn how to share and receive stories in a way that ensures trust and mutual respect. In this process, they come to understand and value the diversity of experiences/ perspectives in their classroom. They learn to respect and honor the stories that each of us has within ourselves.

Space Needs/ Materials: Large tables for art materials. Art materials - large paper, tape, scissors, glue, markers, various decorative paper (colored paper, gift wrapping paper, colored foil, magazines and newspapers), glitter.

“Dr. Vasquez displayed a sincere interest in each of the children. Her sensitivity and enthusiasm encouraged even the shyest students to be creative and to look into themselves. They had the opportunity to explore and portray visually what is important and influential in their lives. This workshop gave not only my students, but Dr. Vasquez and myself insights into the factors that affect and concern teenagers. The life maps that were produced were interesting and attractive, but more important, they were a source of pride for my students. We displayed the maps in the classroom, and at the end of the year, many of them took them home. I know this was an enjoyable learning experience for them.” Julie A. Devers - Teacher, South Middle School, Kalamazoo, MI

“The Mapping Lives Workshop was a hit with the high school students and adults that attended the workshop. I would like to use this life mapping idea with the high school students at the beginning of the school year next year. Then revisit the maps in the middle of the year and again at the end of the year. I would be happy to recommend your program to anyone who would like a reference.” - Mrs. Rosa Killips - Lansing School District, Hispanic Initiative Program

Fee: $500 - $1,500, depending on the number of workshops and the number of students