What People are saying about Magical Rain events...


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"The acting is sensitive, humorous, perceptive, bold, sad, intuitive, dangerous, perplexing, loving, creative... it has nuance, lightness, humor, depth and mystery in all the right places. Go forth and do well!" - Bonnie Holland, Northern Initiatives, Hancock, MI

"The presentations certainly reflected and depicted life and beliefs of Hispanic culture. The body movements, tone of voice and expressions used reminded me of folks I knew growing up as a child."
Evelyna Jimenez, Principal, Academia de Español, Grand Rapids, MI

"What can I say! You really wowed them in Tucson. Of course, this doesn't surprise me given the tremendous amount of time, intelligence and personal investment, not to mention chutzpah, you sunk into this visit. You did a stellar job and the teachers loved it."
- Robert J Baird, Executive Associate, National Faculty, Atlanta, GA

"I have had the opportunity to observe her talents and abilities while working with high school students that frequently visit our campus, and students are always impressed, not only because of her entertainment abilities, but because she is thought provoking and demands that students think about what they feel, hear & think. She is simply magnificent!"
- Diane M. Ariza, Associate Director
Office of Admissions and Orientation, Western Michigan University

"By everyone's account, your performance had the whole group, adults and children alike, transfixed. Marta, who manages the kids room, thought it was by far the best event geared for children we have ever sponsored."
- Lisa Irwin, Promotions Coordinator, John Rollins Bookstore, Kalamazoo, MI

"You've inspired the children to use their senses not only to feel, to see and to hear, but also to think, and to retain messages."
- Teresa Lamarr, Coordinator, Burton Elementary Summer Migrant Program, Grand Rapids, MI

 "From tiny kindergartners to high school students, all squealed with delight at the antics and stories of Magical Rain Theaterworks, forgetting all the while they were having fun, they were also learning very important lessons not only about Mexican culture, but all cultures other than their own."
- Carol Redner Snapp,
Curator, Art Center of Battle Creek, MI

"The students were euphoric. They wanted to share their feelings of the experience with anyone that would listen. Their enthusiasm was contagious and others in the school wished for a similar experience."
- Janet Gonzalez, teacher, Bangor Alternative High School, Bangor, MI

"The creativity, talent, passion, enthusiasm and knowledge for their art enlightened all who attended their performances."
- Frank Sanchez, Assistant Director of Multicultural Affairs, De Pauw University, Greencastle, IN

"Your work with these students has had an indelible and positive impact on their character, self esteem and outlook on life."
Ann Hinsdale -Knisel, Director, Michigan State University Cooperative Extension
& Dionardo Pizaña,
Assistant Dean of Students, Sienna Heights College

"Their productions teach and amaze audiences of all ages and ethnic backgrounds." - Christina Holmes, Executive Director, Hispanic American Council, Kalamazoo, MI

"A fine, fine two day medley of theater, improv and inspiration. That you do it all - from writing to sets - inspires me most."
Stephen Smith, teacher, Hancock High School, Hancock, MI

"The words, expressions and aura were so moving and thought provoking as to stimulate a part of my senses rarely challenged."
- Judy Stephensan, Librarian, Shreiner College, Kerrville, TX

"Their enthusiasm is contagious and any student working with them may find themselves totally emerged in the theater world."
- Toni Baldwin, Kalamazoo Institute for the Arts

"I would work with Irene and Dan again in a heartbeat. They challenge my mind and expressiveness. They know how to work with people of all ages, bringing the meaning of life alive in a magical and exciting way.
- Jill Waskowski, Teacher, Portage Central High School

"Their presentations are both educational and entertaining, magical but realistic...and bring to life messages and concepts that linger long after the curtain closes."
- Gloria Vaquera, Assistant Director, Office of Admissions, Western Michigan University

"Thank you Dan, for your presentation at the 1996 Engfest conference. I am impressed by your ideas for teachers, your ability to help teachers address a serious and controversial issue, and the professionalism of your presentation. I am impressed by your contribution to teaching in our state. Keep up the good work!"
- Dr. Allen Carey-Webb, Professor of English, Western Michigan University

"Dr. Vasquez' enthusiasm for both learning and teaching about new teaching methods, new curriculum and new approaches to education helps us as educators to remember that if we are to be teachers we must be learners as well."
- Frank Rapley, Superintendent, Kalamazoo Public Schools

"Dan is a top notch teacher who 'weaved magic' and 'created another world' from an otherwise abandoned room. Dan was acknowledged as being a heavy influence on many "difficult" students. He transcends the ordinary."
- Dana Orin, Mountain Open High School, Evergreen, CO

"Dr. Vasquez, your speech was inspiring (feeling, thinking) and motivating (makes one retain the message and want to do something about it all). I could relate to so much of it! I encourage you to broadcast it, as your heart leads."
- Suellen Midkiff, student, G.V.S.U., Grand Haven, MI

I became filled with enthusiasm - looking forward to the steps which Mr. Runyan would lead us through. Once the project was underway, every day the students and the teacher in the class were filled with anticipation - wanting to know what was going to happen next."
- Jon Skinner, Vine St. Alternative High School, Kalamazoo, MI