Palabras Luminosas

Latino luminous language, laughter and lore

An energetic performance of Latino stories, jests and words of wisdom and wit. Latino fondness for fiestas & family, and admiration for courage and cleverness emerge in stories of traps and tricksters, animals, food, and the marvelous oddness of everyday life.

Palabras Luminosas is a collection of stories from throughout the Americas, and each presentation can be made a little different (different story choices) to work for different ages (K-12, College) and situations. No matter what “version” of Palabras Luminosas we perform, it is a mix of comedy, folk wisdom, and new perspectives that will both make you laugh and think. Some examples of stories from the Palabras Luminosas repertoire:

The World's Shortest Ghost Story: told differently yet spookily in English and Spanish

How La Muerte (Death) became a Godfather: a humorous tale with an unusual message about fairness and equality.

The Old Man , the Dog and the Burro: a popular jest about animals becoming animate in unexpected ways

The Earth Swallows Bad Children: Mothers have strange powers. A cautionary tale from Mexicopalabras9.jpg

Menudo: A true story of how a six year old( Ike Vasquez) in Holland, Michigan in 1956 learned the difference between the "right answer" and the "true answer" to a culturally loaded question.

Giant Masks: A dancing demonstration of giant masks used in Costa Rican festivals. High ceiling required!

Child of The Sun: A myth from Cuba with a message about keeping one's promise.palabras7.jpg

"From tiny kindergartners to high school students, all squealed with delight at the antics and stories of Magical Rain Theaterworks, forgetting all the while they were having fun, they were also learning very important lessons not only about Mexican culture, but all cultures other than their own."
- Carol Redner Snapp,
Curator, Art Center of Battle Creek, MI

"By everyone's account, your performance had the whole group, adults and children alike, transfixed. Marta, who manages the kids room, thought it was by far the best event geared for children we have ever sponsored."
Lisa Irwin, Promotions Coordinator, John Rollins Bookstore, Kalamazoo, MI

"Thank you so much for coming to Eastern High School to present Palabras Luminosas to our students. The students loved your presentation. Your program's lively method of telling stories kept them interested and attentive. Your whole program was outstanding! The students favorite characters were the dancing skeleton and the little nipping dog. Their favorite story was the story of the Sun, Moon and Mother Earth. Your program reinforced what a pleasure it is to read and listen to stories!" - Mrs. Rosa Killips, Lansing School District, Hispanic Initiative Programpalabras3.jpg

Fees: $600 plus travel