Kid's Responses

(to the shows
"The Hero's Heart" and "Palabras Luminosas")

Dear Dr. Vasquez,
Body. The way you moved.

- Your friend, Stellee

Thank you for telling that great story about that mouse. After you told it, I felt like a hero! -

 "You did the best storytelling I ever heard! Thanks a lot."
- Jason
"We had a very good time. One day I hope you can come back to our school. Your death person was the funniest thing in the play. I hope you guys go to the top and be famous. I am wishing you good luck.". - Kelise
"I think the play was great. I liked the frog dance. I think the tights were pretty! How did you make all the costumes? I think you were all great." Stephanie 

I liked the costumes. Especially the eagle costume. Actually, I liked the whole performance. Thank you". - Madison
"Your assembly was very funny. I love art! Thank you is what I say in English. Gracias is what I say in Spanish!" - Nicole
   "I loved the play. I think you're ready for Broadway. I liked the dance and the eagle costume." - Kera

"Dear Hero Heart people. Thank you for coming in. You have inspired me to use my imagination more. You also taught us that a hero is a hero by the strength of his heart. T.T.F.N. for now."
- Devin
"You taught us a lot out of the stories, and you did your best. You were very good. - Alex
"The show was great. Death was a good actor, and so were you. Thank you for coming again. See ya!" - John

"The muskrat saved their lives. The animals didn't think he could do it, but he did."
- Corey